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Roofing Contractor in Paranaque City - R&A Roofmart Inc.

As a highly known roofing contractor in Paranaque City, R&A Roofmart Inc. is consistently maintaining great rapport in the industry. Being one of the most prominent companies that offer satisfactorily products and services in residential, commercial and government projects.

Company believes:
1. that selling or doing business is not just the profit. It's doing the great service and honest thing that will make customer happy and satisfied for their needs.
2. aside for the good kind of service we provide, character values of our roofing team will surely build a long-term relationship with our valued customers.
3. being equipped with skills, knowledge and technology is important in upgrading business development. And finally the best reason why we do business is that "GOOD GOES AROUND." When you do business on-the-level you are placing your customer's happiness on the same plane or a higher plane than your own.


  We specialize installation and fabrication of all types of roof including traditional built-ups and the best thing we carry metal roofing. We also supply fiberglass, polycarbonate and insulation materials. R&A Roofmart Inc. is there for long term commitment to all your roofing needs, now and in the years to come!

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Roofing Contractor in Paranaque City

It has the widest profile and most durable roofing system. It is structurally superior and with optimum protection against leaks. Preferred for residences, warehouses and small commercial buildings that requires an economical but beautiful colored roof. Recommended for residences warehouses and commercial buildings that want an economical yet aesthetically elegant colored roofing.

Roofing Contractor in Paranaque City

As the name implies, Super-V-Dek is all about total roofing power. It has 5 ribs in a V-tray; 15 ribs in the entire roof for the best structural strength; 100 mm-tall V-profile for maximum rain drain-off capacity and the tallest rib height in the market. It allows purlin spacing up to 2.5 meters while reducing loads on beams and columns . . . for maximum cost efficiency. Most of all, it is best for near 0 degree slope and has a capillary groove design to ensure leak-proof roofing. This is beauty, strength and worry-free roofing combined into one! Definitely the super roof for industrial plants.

Roofing Contractor in Paranaque City

Megadek is the first choice of manufacturing and industry giants. It has everything they ever wanted in a roof. It is stronger with 80,000 psi tensile strength; wider at 915 mm effective coverage and the widest v-profile in the market today. The best choice for structures that require near zero degree slope, it can span at least 2.5 meters per purlin spacing and provide the building width excellent rainfall draining capacity.

Roofing Contractor in Paranaque City

The naked eye may not easily notice it, but your architect knows that Spanlok is the tallest rib-type roof profile in the market today. Its features include: tallest rib-height for superior structural strength, seam-lock system for leak-proof roofing, minimal side lapping for economy roofing coverage and near 0 degrees slope installation best for commercial and industrial projects.

Roofing Products in Paranaque City

It is the most preferred roof profile by commercial malls nationwide. It has the strongest double-ribbed profile with 80,000 psi tensile strength. It has the widest effective coverage of 973 mm. Undeniably, the best of its class. It provides structural soundness and very good rainfall draining capacity and provides an economical substitute to non-leak roofing profiles.

Roofing Products in Paranaque City

A teguila-look-alike roofing profile that is very popular to mass housing developers because of its flexibility. Repairs of old roofs can be done selectively.

Roofing Products in Paranaque City

A tile effect roofing profile styled in an elegant mix of classical Mediterranean design and contemporary cosmopolitan tones with the inherent strength of steel. More economical than ceramic, asbestos or glazed tiles, it boasts of better quality and is not prone to chipping, breaking and unsightly moss stains. It is the first 4' tile effect profile in the country and has proven to be a trouble-free roofing profile all over the country even in typhoon-prone areas.

Roofing Products in Paranaque City

A premium tile roof that is not only corrosion free between 3 - 6 product lifetimes but stylishly beautiful as well. And contrary to popular belief, its beauty is actually 40 mm deep. Currently the most popular tile-look profile. It is accessorize by complimentary ridge rolls and edge caps which makes the profile very elegant and European.


The Tiara Wavetile's natural beauty gives any home a timeless elegance. Its resilience to the elements makes it last a long time so your house gets more than just good looks but ageless charm. It was designed as a substitute to traditional ceramic tile. An ideal roofing for Spanish motive residential houses that the ceramic tile look but economical to the owner's pocket.


The basic in roofing exemplified!
It has the widest profile at 1030 mm effective coverage. Greater roofing area with less panels, thus, huge savings on panel cost. It provides traditional yet structural sound color roofing for warehouse, commercial buildings and other such structures where the main condition is structural soundness and flexibility in repairs rather that beauty.

Common to all profiles which can be posted in the definition of products.

Roofing Materials in Paranaque City

Guaranteed made from high tensile steel providing stronger resistance on construction deformation and wider temporary support spacing down control stage. The trapezoidal flute contributes to concrete savings and making the floor slabs system lighter and stronger than most conventional slabs.

Roofing Materials in Paranaque City

Low to high rise buildings within the RESIDENTIAL AND INDUSTRIAL segments; Pan Type; 2" Rib Height.

Roofing Materials in Paranaque City

Tallest rib deck profile in the market providing superior unsupported span during construction stage. Perfect for heavy commercial and industrial where wider beam support spacing is significant factor in the design.

Roofing Materials in Paranaque City

Bridge Deck; 58mm Depth; Vertical 90 degrees rib. This is the metal decks supporting the South Luzon Express Way Skyway Phase 2 from Bicutan to Alabang. Provides formworks / reinforcements / support to 10" to 14" of concrete and help finish the SLEX Skyway in record time. During concrete pouring, in provided the record of no leaking of cement to the lower portions.

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